Biosafety Containment and High Containment Facilities

We provide services from planning to certification in the area of Biosafety containment and high containment facilities.

With the advent of new and re-emerging infectious diseases and their potential misuse, the necessity to investigate bio-logical agents and to mitigate risks have given new impetus for biosafety and biosecurity services.

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Planning and Design
We provide the resources and experiences to convert your vision of a new or retrofitted laboratory into a value engineered, certification worthy and sustainable facility. Our reference projects include research and public health BSL-2 and BSL-3 as well as ABSL-2, 3 and 4 laboratories. Speciality laboratories for work with carcinogens, toxins, genetically modified plants, engineered tissues and SPF breeding facilities complement the range of reference projects.

Commissioning and Certifications
Laboratories are complex and dynamic environments. Today’s biomedical research and clinical laboratories have to adapt constantly to changing public health needs and epidemics. An example of this is the need for laboratories to adjust priorities to meet the challenges of emerging or re-emerging infectious diseases. In order to assure that changes, modifications and maintenance are undertaken promptly and in an appropriate and safe manner, all biological research and clinical laboratories should be regularly tested and validated (certification). We are a team of MOH-approved external facility certifiers who can certify against the local and all international standards and guidelines

We provide the necessary support for your facility and your laboratory operators and workers to become fully compliant with international standards and guidelines such as the WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual (2004). Other Biosafety Guidance documents and standards are based on the same principles of facility-oriented and administrative control-oriented scope of certifications.

Biorisk Management and Programmes
To operate your facility efficiently and safely, we develop, help to implement and adopt the necessary documents, skills and competencies. With our document templates, knowledge input and training, you will become competent to manage your facility on your own. Our support includes workshops and hands-on exercises to develop, test and improve procedures and SOPs. On one hand, our approach is based on a combination of top-down information for the institutional management, IBC, BSO and facility supervisors, while on the other hand, on bottom-up hands-on workshops for the BSO, PIs, laboratory workers and maintenance staff. Our services are delivered by experienced trainers and auditors who ensure that your administrative risk controls will be compatible with any standard or guidance document such as CWA 15793, WHO LBM or CDC/NIH BMBL. As a result, your biorisk management system or programme will ensure a high level of safety culture

Safety Reviews and Audits
Safety audits can either focus on biosafety issues or cover the full occupational health and safety programme of a laboratory or an institute. Our approach ensures that your safety programme is conformed with national or international safety requirements such as the Workplace Safety and Health Act, the OHSAS 18001 standard or biosafety guidance documents including the WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual and the CDC/NIH BMBL. The scope of a safety review can range from the whole institute biosafety management system down to the actual bench work. The latter is often referred to as a job hazard analysis which may be used to scrutinize and improve SOPs and bench operations.

 Training and Competence Development
Good laboratory design and up-to-date administrative risk controls are two necessary pillars for a safe workplace but are not sufficient in itself. The third pillar to reach your safety goals is skilled and competent staff. In fact, staff’s skills and competencies deserve more attention at many institutions. For example, staff can cause incidents, but they can also mitigate or even prevent them. We have developed tailor-made and successful training programmes to sufficiently improve staff performance. For instance, our hands-on workshop “Working Safely in the Biosafety Cabinet” was selected by ABSA and EBSA as a pre-conference workshop and numerous institutions have used this and other workshops we offer to enhance their workers’ skills and competencies

Registered under our parent company Basler & Hofmann, our team also consists of Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) certifier for high containment facilities. We provide training and sharing sessions on a regular basis.

High Containment Facilities


High Containment
National Centre of Infectious Diseases BSL-3 Laboratory, Singapore

High Containment
Hong Kong University Queen Mary Hospital Block T PC-3 Laboratory, Hong Kong

High Containment
Indonesia NVDAL BSL-3 and ABSL-3 Laboratory, Indonesia

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Archlab - Our High Containment Team

Our Team

We are a unique multi-disciplinary international team that includes architects, interior designers, scientists as well as administrators. We pride in our diverse culture, individual uniqueness, knowledge and passion that adds richness and success to the overall project.  

We have partnered Basler & Hofmann on projects since our inception in 2004, and in October 2015, merged with Basler & Hofmann (Singapore) Lifesciences to become a subsidiary company of Basler & Hofmann Switzerland. Within our merged entity are also Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) approved certifiers registered under the umbrella of our parent company.

About Us

Arch’lab Pte. Ltd. (established as Arch’lab Architects in 2004) is a Singapore based architecture, interior design and planning company with a focus on research laboratories, healthcare facilities and other healing environments. Reflecting on our modest beginning to the present, we pride ourselves on our continued humility, dedication to delivery and quality of work among many others, which have shaped us into who we are today, as testified by the number of repeat clients to date.

Our approach is collaborative. We lead by design and in our implementation process. We share with our clients our knowledge of architecture, interiors, sciences, healthcare while taking into consideration their mission/vision to create a holistic integration – that is the result of us working together. We believe in creating architecture and places that are functionally sound and experientially inspiring to the human spirit.

We believe in building trust and a long-lasting relationship with each of our business partners. The nature of our practice has also led us to believe that the slightest impact of care and detail at a certain moment in time, could make the greatest difference in the overall results to come.

As architects and designers with a niche in this area of specialization, our solutions and approaches are informed by our combined knowledge and experiences in urban design, architecture, interiors, and materiality et al.  Together with the nuances of the specific building types, we strive to create architecture and places that are functionally sound and experientially inspiring.

In the areas of laboratory and healthcare facilities, we harness our specialist knowledge through over 20 years of project involvements from conceptualisation to post-occupancy evaluation. In many cases, we strategise with our client on implementation while the facility continues to be in full operation, with minimal downtime.

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